I was born in 1937 in Converse, Texas, located about 20 miles northeast of San Antonio.  I descend from German immigrants who came to
Texas between 1845 and 1880.  Three of my ancestors were "Founding Fathers" of New Braunfels in 1845. It was the primary German
settlement in Texas during the 1800's.  My wife,the former Jean Ann Haecker, and I have been married since 1959.  She was raised in San
Antonio and Kirby, Texas.  She also descends from German immigrants to Texas.  One of her ancestors was also a "Founding Father" Of
New Braunfels.  

My wife and I have three daughters, two of whom were born in Stuttgart, Germany and two graduated from the American High School in
Heidelberg,  Germany.   We also have nine grandchildren.  So you can see that we are indeed a German-Texan Family.
Growing up in Converse, I spoke nothing but German until I was six years old.  I learned my English in school.  I still speak German fluently
and do so at any opportunity I get.  Most of my Scheel ancestors here in Texas were musicians, playing mostly old time German polkas and
waltzes in brass bands.  My dad's oldest brother, Bernard, better known as "Herr Louie", started his own band, known as Louie and His Old
Time Band, in 1937 and continued until the early 1950's.  He recorded about 40 songs on 78 rpm records and a few on 45's.
Attending St. Gerard High School in San  Antonio, I played trumpet in the band for four years.  Following that, I played trumpet for four years in
the St. Mary's University ROTC Symphonic Band on scholarship.  From 1955 to 1957, I also played trumpet in the Texas National Guard 36th
Infantry Division Band, stationed in New Braunfels.  During the late 1950's, I played in a German dance band in the New Braunfels area.
After receiving my Bachelors Degree and my Army commission from ROTC at St. Mary's University, I began a 21 year career in the Army.
During my career, I served six years in Germany--three as liaison officer to the German Army in Schwaebisch Gmuend and three on the staff
at the US Army-Europe Headquarters in Heidelberg.  In addition, I served on a missile site near Spokane,  Washington, was sent to graduate
school at Stanford University in California where I obtained my Masters Degree in Engineering, served at NORAD in Colorado Springs,
served on the faculty at West Point in New York and served one year in Vietnam.  After retirement from the Army in 1980, I moved to Colorado
Springs, where I worked for 18 years as an engineer in the Aerospace Industry.
After fully retiring in 1998, my wife and I returned to Garden Ridge, Texas, located about 15 miles from New Braunfels, where I enjoy
researching my family's roots, and promoting German-Texan culture and music.  I am a member of the San Antonio Liederkranz, a
60-member male German Choral Group that was founded in 1892.  Once every month, we sing the traditional Latin Mass, with German
hymns, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in San Antonio.  St. Joseph's was founded in the mid 1800's by German immigrants.  We also sing at
weddings, two Saengerfests (German song festivals) and two concerts each year,and other special events as they occur.  
For all of 2002, I was one of the three musical hosts of the Musical Journey Show (also called the German Show) on KGNB radio in New
Braunfels. Converting from the radio format to putting this show on the Internet has been quite a challenge.  However, it has been worth the
effort and I sincerely hope that you enjoy our finished product.  Our website is not very fancy because I built it myself and I did not know
anything about how to do it before I started.  Hopefully it is clear enough for you to use it effectively.   Through this Internet show, we want to
continue to keep our German-Texan music and culture alive for our faithful local listeners and share it with listeners from around the world. I
have always loved German music and doing this show is a labor of love for me.