Name :   Joseph Feiser
Comments :   Really enjoy your music as I was stationed in germany for five years. Keep up the good work. Sincerely Joseph Feiser
Name :   Ruth Kolmeier
Comments :   Hello Clarence. Tried to get music we couldnt download. Keep up good work on spreading our German heritage
Name :   Marianne Zenke
Comments :   Wunderschoen wieder einmal Lieder von der Heimat zu hoeren. Vielen Dank
Name :   Ernest Tullos
Comments :   Edda - Finally got my son to bring up the program! I am going to try and get a computer in the near future. Regards, Ernest & Verna
Name :   Gil Voss
Comments :   I play tuba in a Dutchman style group in WI. I just discovered your site. We have 2CDs and would be pleased if you wanted to add some of our music to your list. I can be reached at
Name :   Allan Becker
Comments :   Hey Good Music. You do good work.
Name :   Allan Becker
Comments :   Hey Good Music. You do good work.
Name :   Karl Hertag
Comments :   Enjoy your music as well as your articles in the Amerika Woche.
Name :   Dr. Lauren Ann Kattner
Comments :   Thanks so much for giving us this wonderful music. We now live in Columbus, Ohio, and its very nice to hear the sounds of home.
Name :   Paloma radio
Comments :   We like the music Greatings from Paloma radio The Netherlands Europe
Name :   Richard Just
Comments :   I Love the music, especially The Springtime Polka on Jan. 15,part 3. My German parents were born in Györköny,Austria-Hungary. I live in Rootstown, OH
Name :   Harrry Kirk
Comments :   I enjoy all of your programs. I cant understand the name of the hotel you advertise. They have a web site. There is a very loud voice with background music for around 2 seconds during the ad.
Name :   c. schultz
Comments :   Great music
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Comments :   E.Mail Wie kommt es das ich Ihre Sendung nicht empfangen kann? Erst hoere ich einige Ansagen dann nichts. Nach einer weile wieder Ansagen und wieder nichts.Dann etwas Musik und wieder nichts.Ich habe bis jetzt nie eine volle Sendung ohn
Name :   R. Hahn
Comments :   Its wonderful to get the German music I remember so well from my childhood
Name :   Louis Keglovits
Comments :   I live in Indianapolis, IN. I am originally from Northampton, PA., and am of Austrian heritage. Love to listen to your music.
Name :   Paul V Wilson
Comments :   Just found this site and I love it I was in Germany nearly 5 years in the Army 1948 with time out for Korea then back left in 1957 Huntington WV
Name :   GARY &ROSI
Name :   Louis Keglovits
Comments :   I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I enjoy listening to your music on the internet.
Name :   Orland Koechler
Comments :   Minneapolis, Mn Enjoyed the music
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Comments :   coming your way in january riding harleys
Name :   karl fetting
Comments :   schoene musik
Name :   Jim Schroedl
Comments :   Surfing picked you up I live in Minnesota. I play a concertina and enjoy your selections very much DANKA
Name :   Jim Schroedl
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Name :   ronald waseka
Comments :   surfing like it much
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Comments :   ienjoy your german music
Comments :   I can not speak german,but I can play a mean accordian.I realy enjoy listening to german music.I want to thank you three for your most great work! I live in PFLUGERVILLE,TEXAS.My great grandfather came over from SAXONY IN 1884.Again thank you.
Name :   Jo Anna Terwege
Comments :   Great German Music. Really do enjoy it.
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Comments :   Love to listen to German music. Am so happy to find this staion on the net. Thank you
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Comments :   Just found this station, I just love the musik, wish we had one like this in Buffalo N.Y.
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Comments :   Uns macht Ihr Programm viel Spass, und wir hoffen das wir es noch lange hoeren koennen.
Name :   Melvin Hoskins
Comments :   we enjoyed your performance at the Kendall county fairgrounds yesterday. Keep up the good work and traditions.
Name :   Don & Rosemarie Boore
Comments :   Hallo!! We are members of the Edelweiss Club in Baltimore and enjoy your website very much. Our Lothar Boczek does a fine job with his Edelweiss Club German music program every Sunday here in Baltimore.
Name :   Wolfgang Berger
Comments :   Tolle Idee, aber die Alten Kameraden habt Ihr verwechselt mit dem March Unter dem Doppeladler aus Oesterreich. Bin selbst Musiker.
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Comments :   Ganz angenehmes Programm (Amerika Woche Leser)
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Comments :   Ich war ganz schon uberrascht,wenn auf die Seite gestossen bin ,die gute alte Haimat
Name :   Joseph C Christilles,Jr.
Comments :   Enjoyed the site very much. Reminded me of the dance halls in Devine, and Lytle many years ago.
Name :   John Gittings
Comments :   Thank God you folks are keeping this SUPERB! music alive and well. I was raised in western Pennsylvania during the 30s & 40s when many people there were Up Against The Wall so to speak... I believe that the many kind of POLKA Music we had available kept m
Name :   Fred Isaak Iowa
Comments :   Wunderschone Musik, Viele Danke Ich spiele im Blasmusikkapelle Guttenberg Iowa. Ich speile Akkordeon und Steirisches Harmonika. Machts gut
Name :   Mary Griswold
Comments :   Thank you for setting up this sight. The wondeful music brings so many memories of my Father and Opa and from the years I worked in that area.
Name :   William Walters
Comments :   My wife and I just read about your station in one of the German/American newspapers we get here in Portland, Oregon. Thank you for a wonderful idea! We will tune in on our computer whenever we get a chance!
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Comments :   Fantastic! Ive waited a long time for a German music internet site. Best wishes and thanks for keeping the German music and memories alive for the future.
Name :   Clarence Scheel
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Comments :   February 6, 2003 has arrived. We are on the air. Enjoy the show. Clarence
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Comments :   A lot of work went into this site thanks mainly to Clarence. The amount of interested music lovers from all over has been very encouraging. Hope you enjoy the shows.